What is Diet K and how does it work with Kazaa?

Diet Kazaa is a free utility that works on top of Kazaa; the file sharing music network. Diet K or Diet Kazaa was designed to remove all of the annoying advertisements from the basic Kazaa utility. As with any additional plugin this is designed and programmed outside of the Kazaa code line and we constantly quality control and test our software product to make sure it works and is compliant with the lastest version of Kazaa and Kazaa Lite.

Once you have tried our Diet Kazaa product you will never go back. We designed our software and technology to enhance the overall experience of the Kazaa music sharing software.

We are music lovers just like you. We love technology and therefore designed Diet Kazaa to fit perfectly into the Kazaa music and file sharing network. If you like everything Kazaa and Kazaa Lite has to offer, but hate the pop up advertisements that plague the software and technology product than you should download our utility.

You're obviously a Kazaa user. You're obviously frustrated with the advertisements. Come experience a more refreshing file sharing experience with Diet K.

Technology News & Recent Updates

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Diet K Can Make Everyone's Music Sharing Experience Better

Anyone that has downloaded the Kazaa music sharing program understands that it can sometimes become a frustrating experience. The fact is that Kazaa was built to allow users to both upload music files and videos as well as download files that other users have uploaded. This provides a unique platform in which the users are the producers and everyone is shared within a community. However, with the number of advertisements that run throughout the Kazaa program, it can become cluttered and lower the experience of the user.

With the technology we have developed called Diet K, the user experience can be catapulted back up to where it should be. Diet K essentially eliminates all of the annoying advertisements that Kazaa and Kazaa Lite promote throughout the program. It is a plugin and as such, was designed outside of the code developed for Kazaa so that we can control its compatibility with the most recent Kazaa developments. Through quality control and Zizinya Web Solutions on our side, we can test the software constantly to ensure it works with any version of the program.

The Internet marketing company can ensure that all details of the Diet K plugin are available for users. We have developed this plugin to enhance the overall experience of using Kazaa and Kazaa Lite. Since we are music lovers too, we know that annoying ad pop ups can slow down the music downloading process.

Taking Music File Sharing to the Next Level

Music is what it's all about here and we are constantly finding ways to make the experience better for you. We are working to go beyond just eliminating the advertisements when using the Kazaa file sharing music network.

Have you ever come across a song or an album and you know that if you don't write it down, the second you get home, you know you'll forget all about it? Now that mostly everyone is walking around with a mobile device or digital camera, we are beginning to work with an OCR software that will allow you to access this information after you've captured it with one of these devices. The best OCR software will essentially turn your mobile device into a portable scanner! We are currently finding ways to use OCR to allow you to scan or take pictures of those old records and albums sitting around your house, capture the proper information, and find those songs on Kazaa.

As we are still working out the kinks, check back for more information about this new venture of ours.

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